About Us

K. C. Malhotra - Chairman

Sh. K.C. Malhotra an alumnus of Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh (PEC University) is a retired Chief Engineer of Punjab Irrigation Department. He has served for 36 years on gigantic projects like; Bhakra dam, Beas project and Ranjit Sagar dam. He was also a member of the Committee of Senior Mechanical Engineers, Ministry of surface water, Govt. of India. His interest in Astrology was kindled by the Works of Dr. B.V. Raman and Dr. K.N. Rao. He has been practicing and teaching Astrology for the last 15 years. His areas of interest are Astronomy, Transit, Ashtakvarga, and Divisional Charts. He specializes in Astro Meterology (Astronomy) and Mundane Astrology. He has been awarded ‘Jyotish Vachaspati’ by K.P.Steller Astrological Research Institute of Chennai for his meritorious services to the cause of research and propogation of Krishana Murti Padhdhati [K.P.System]. He has also been conferred ‘Jyotish Kovid’ in recognition of outstanding contribution for the cause of promotion of Astrology through research and writing.

Aarti Sareen - Co-Chairman

Smt. Aarti Sareen completed her Bachelors, Masters & M. Phil in Commerce and has been a Gold Medalist throughout her academic life. Thereafter, she served as a lecturer in the reputed colleges of Chandigarh. She is also a very talented artist and specializes in oil paintings & pencil sketches. Her interest in the field of Astrology was kindled due to her ever inquisitive nature to learn more. She joined a professional course in Astrology and by its end she was fully confident that she has found the purpose of her life. As a hard worker by nature, she indulged in self study and researched a lot into the field. She has worked successfully for more than 10 years as a professional Astrologer and taught Astrology in Chandigarh on a full time basis. Her clientele is spread nationally as well as internationally.

Her expertise lie in Predictive Astrology (Phalit Jyotish) and Medical Astrology, using the principles and concepts given by Sage Parashara. She provides astrological consultation regarding; education, career & professional growth, marriage, childbirth, finances, property, foreign and health issues. She has been awarded with ‘Jyotish Kovid’ for invaluable contribution to the cause of promotion of Astrology through research and writing. She is one of the new age, unconventional Vedic Astrologers in India who is well educated, highly qualified, tech savvy and widely travelled. She is well recognized and respected in her field, as she doesn't encourage superstitions in any manner and holds her ethics above anything else.

Mrs. Hirdaipal - Administration Incharge

Mrs. Hirdaipal is a versatile personality who is Post Graduate (MSc) in Human Development. She is epitome of Duty, Dedication, Devotion and Dynamism which are the rarest qualities which differentiate her from the crowed She is a flawless writer who had published more than 100 articles, research papers in various journals and murines. Apart from excellent academic career the is an acclaimed sports person. Her 100 meters record is still unbeaten in PAU since 1976. She was an eminent hockey huminary.

She has excelled in all the fields such as Research, Sports, Academics of Administrative matter to quote a few. She stood first in Punjab in the selection made by Punjab Public Service Commission Patiala and is presently heading the Department of Youth Services, Punjab as Director since 2000. She is a great leader who is humble, gentle and creative person. She has played a very positive role in shaping the future of youth and developing their personality.

She had overcome may ups and downs in her life with her unflinced determination and undoubted faith in power of Almighty. She started learning Astrology through Self Study in 2005 when she had many unanswered queries about sufferings in ones life. After that she never looked back. In 2011 she joined Astrology School to polish her accumulated knowledge. As she believe, at right time she has joined IIVA as one of Faculty Members to impart knowledge to the learners. She is a firm believer that "Blessed are those who help the needy and whatever comes on bumpy road of life should be happily taken in stride" Mantra for her success had been Forethought. Patience, Courage and sometimes a Modicum of humour. Often she utters "Keep Going-Some miracle is waiting for you".